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On October 4th, Vice Presidential nominees Tim Kaine and Mike Pence debated for 90 minutes at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia. The debate had its fair share of viewership, even though it only had half the number of viewers compared to the highly anticipated head-to-head debacle between Clinton and Trump.

An instant poll conducted by CNN showed numbers slightly in Governor Mike Pence’s favor. He was in the lead with 48% favorable views while Senator Tim Kaine had 42%. However, the numbers are drastically different with several Twitter polls. The LA Times has Mike Pence as the clear winner with 69% with Tim Kaine trailing behind at only 25%. The Hollywood reporter indicates that Mike Pence led with 72% of 9,985 Twitter users.

Still, the VP debate was highly critiqued and even trended on Twitter. Both presidential nominees have birth years in the 1940s so it’s very possible that either of the VPs could hold the presidency at some point in the next 4 years.

Most of the debate was spent talking over each other, moderator included. Viewers noted that the VPs mainly insulted each other’s respective presidential nominee. Overall, the debate didn’t reflect much of the respective nominee’s political opinions but it their character and judgment did resonate with American viewers.

So who was the real winner? The polls indicate that Pence was more calm and collective while Kaine was more able to defend Clinton and her public policy. Only November 8 will tell which is more important to the 146 million voters in the US.

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