Can we have a president who has at least used a computer before?


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Can we have a president who has at least used a computer before?

After the first Presidential debate, it has become clear that Donald Trump has never used a computer in his life. He referred to the internet as “the cyber” during the debate and made a series of comments which demonstrate that he has no idea what he’s talking about with respect to computers and the internet.

Trump claimed during the debate that the US has to get better at cyber, presumably meaning online security. Funnily enough, in the early days of the internet, using the word cyber as a verb was a way of shortening the term cybersex. So to get better at cyber, meant to get better at having cybersex.

Now this was clearly an issue that Trump could attack Clinton on, with her scandal related to using her personal computer as a government email server. However, since Trump has never actually used a computer, he simply doesn’t understand enough about computers to have been able to launch an effective attack. Instead, he ended up making Clinton look like a computer expert who clearly owns and uses her own computer, while Trump views computers as toys for his 10-year-old son.

Another example from the debate showing Trump’s lack of understanding of computers and the internet happened when he claimed that he never said that climate change was a hoax invented by the Chinese. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can easily search Trump’s Twitter account to find tweets like these:

Clearly Trump tweets exclusively from his phone, and doesn’t really understand what Twitter is. The fact that he did not even order his campaign team to go back and delete the incriminating tweets that demonstrate he was lying during the debate shows that he really has no understanding of how Twitter works, let alone the basic concept of information permanence on the internet.

Last year at a campaign rally in South Carolina Trump declared that he would “close that internet up in some way” and would consult with Bill Gates on how to do so. While he was criticized at the time for opposing basic democratic freedoms and advocating censorship, it’s now clear that he spoke from ignorance. He seems to honestly believe that Bill Gates has some kind of on/off switch for the internet in his garage. This not only demonstrates that he again knows nothing about computers and the internet, but also that he knows nothing about the business environment of information technology if he thinks that the retired CEO of Microsoft is in some way personally in control of the entire world’s internet.

Electing someone with a cavalier attitude toward online security would be a bad idea, but electing someone who has never used a computer in 2016 is just inexcusable.

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