Jeb Bush: The End of a Dynasty?


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Jeb Bush: The End of a Dynasty?




On June 15, 2015 Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for President. The rumors about Jeb Bush running for President in 2016 were all, but casual conversation. It was the biggest political secret kept in American politics until last year. This was the man who led Florida through two of the worst Hurricane Seasons on record, the man who cut taxes in Florida, saved the state $19 billion, and created 1.3 million jobs in eight years. What's not to like if you're a Republican? These were the issues that were meant to push the establishment Bush over the top. Well weren't they? But that's exactly the problem; the word "establishment" continues to be wrapped around the former Governor. In a year when Washington is gridlocked and the GOP is in control of the congress and the Democrats are in control of the White House, it's become almost impossible to get anything done. 


This was the guy that was supposed to go up against Democrat Hillary Clinton. But he's been mister single digits for months on end. He announced his bid for the White House in the summer of Trump, stayed in the race for the Fall of Trump, and well heck the year of Trump! 2016 was supposed to be the year of the anointed ones Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. But the establishment is pretty much hated, as real estate mogul Donald Trump and anti-Washington Senator Ted Cruz have dominated the airwaves and social media. 2016 just doesn't seem to be Bush's awakening call. It seems that ship has left the dock. Bush seems as if he would've been a much better candidate if he were to have run in 2012. But he decided to sit it out. You're welcome Mitt Romney. Interestingly enough it's usually the Democrats who try to choose a favorite in the presidential primary process and the Republicans always have their anointed one. But no one can deny that the 2016 Election is anything less than bizarre. It seems the Republicans are looking for their favorite anti-Washington guy and the Democrats have their anointed one Mrs. Hillary Clinton. This race has turned upside down and has changed the rules of American Presidential politics. 


It's become clear to the presidential candidates that in this race the American people aren't upset. They're f***ing angry with Washington. They want new leadership, not the same ol', same ol'. And it seems another Bush won't cut it this time around. Republicans want Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. They want the hardcore principled conservatives who talk tough. Like promising to blow the hell out of ISIS, tearing up the Iran nuclear deal, getting rid of ObamaCare, carpet-bombing countries, and building a wall on the Mexican border. These issues have gotten Republican primary voters emotional. Bush seems to have failed to understand that emotion. He has become out of touch with average Americans. But isn't Bush the sensible choice? Well Donald Trump has completely thrown sense out of the window. And most of all Republican primary voters are feeding off of it.


What's next for Jeb? 

Well Jeb Bush in my opinion feels after he loses South Carolina tomorrow he will still stay in the race. But it's almost certain that he will drop out after Super Tuesday when he realizes he doesn't have a reasonable path forward. If Bush remains a fighter, then he will stay in the race until John Kasich drops out so he can solidify more of his establishment base. The reason being is because Kasich could very well drop out after South Carolina. After all, Kasich's biggest victory so far has been runner-up to Donald Trump in New Hampshire, but that's it. Can Jeb Bush fix his image in a year when the establishment is so disliked? It seems the voters don't want him at all. It's seems a little late now. The problem Governor Bush has is that he's not dealing with the elephant in the room. It's not just that he's part of the establishment. It's much simpler - he's a Bush. And putting "Jeb! 2016" on his signs isn't helping him any. If Jeb Bush drops out of the race it will probably be the end of one of the most prestigious political dynasties in American history aside from the Kennedys. But I could be wrong. So we’ll see what happens! 

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