Cleveland Chaos Imminent


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Cleveland Chaos Imminent

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) announced today that he would not be a candidate for President of the United States in this election cycle. He said he would not run nor accept his party's nomination in Cleveland. This move will only disrupt the anti-Trump movement even more. This major news only yields to the idea that chaos on the convention floor in Cleveland is all but imminent.


I don't think it's right that the Republican National Convention has the ability to throw in whoever they want to nominate if that person never even participated in their party's primary. The same goes for the Democrats, but I want to focus on the GOP for right now.


As much as I don't like Donald Trump or Ted Cruz my thinking is that if either of them wins the Republican nomination I feel then they must be the nominee of their party. Why? Because I respect the primary process no matter what my views are of Trump or Cruz. Both men have earned the votes of Republican voters. Therefore, both of them must be considered on the first, second, or even third ballot in Cleveland when the delegates choose their nominee. I still strongly believe that they will have a brokered convention, but I hope the GOP chooses between those two men if either of them fails to reach the required amount of delegates to clinch the nomination. I would mention John Kasich, but he is not going to be the nominee at all.


Anyways this primary process isn't about whom I would prefer more based on my views. It's about respecting the primary process because we have to respect the will of the voters in my opinion. Because if we completely streamline the process in Cleveland and tell the voters to go to hell by nominating someone who never ran this year and didn't earn any votes then we're undermining the will of the American electorate. A move like that would ultimately delegitimize the presidential primary process. Only people who have run for the nomination deserve to be considered on the ballot. It's the fair and right thing to do.

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