A Night of Victories: Trump wins Big, Clinton Sweeps the South


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A Night of Victories: Trump wins Big, Clinton Sweeps the South

It was a Republican Bloodbath last night as Americans went to the polls in 11 states and 1 territory to help secure the nominations of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for both of their respective parties. Last night Donald Trump swept the electorate winning 7 states, Ted Cruz winning 3, and Marco Rubio winning 1. As for John Kasich and Ben Carson, their campaigns remain almost invisible. They might as well just drop out now for the betterment of the party. 


Donald Trump remains almost unstoppable at this point towards the nomination. He won over the white uneducated voters, and won big in states like Massachusetts and Virginia. Those are states that are usually more educated. But last night they were Trump country. As Trump won big last night the fight for second place still remains competitive into today as Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz continue to fight to the death in an effort to bring Trump's candidacy crumbling to the ground. Although, it seems their efforts are failing and they're too late. As for Ben Carson he didn't win any states last night; and this morning signaled that he has "no political path forward" in the 2016 race. He also said that he will not be attending tomorrow night's Fox News Debate in Detroit. Instead Carson will attend CPAC this Friday where he is expected to say that he will suspend his campaign once and for all. Former Governor and 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney is expected to criticize Trump in a speech tomorrow in Utah in an effort to stop him. It's unlikely though that his speech will change the trajectory of the primary process going forward. 


Now who could Kasich and Carson help by dropping out? Well Rubio and Cruz. That's who. By Carson dropping out it could help Cruz in several ways. I predicted months ago that while Carson was enjoying his brief lead against Trump late last year that it wasn't going to last. And it didn't last long as terrorist attacks took place overseas and here at home. Carson's foreign policy credentials or lack of foreign policy credentials came to light. Then his numbers dropped and he was never able to recover. I knew Cruz would take Carson's evangelical votes away quickly. The very conservative base that was the foundation of Carson's nonexistent campaign for the White House is now Cruz's firewall again. Cruz wants Carson to drop out. This is what he's been waiting for, and now he's going to get it. 


Another candidate that is going to drop out anyways is Kasich. See now Kasich is very interesting because he was supposed to be the new Jeb Bush. You know, a two-term Governor who brought Ohio from economic ruins and led the way to economic prosperity during the 1990s. But it seems the voters don't care about Kasich. This race began with many former and current Governors running for President. But it seems the voters are just saying no to the Governors, and it is unlikely that they will change their minds. Kasich needs to drop out, and there is no one better that wants him out more than Rubio. Rubio is running the mantle of anti-Trump and being the only pro-establishment candidate standing. Rubio still believes he can defeat Trump and ultimately clinch the nomination. But when you win only one state that being Minnesota and you're trailing in your home state of Florida it becomes an unrealistic prospect moving forward. Rubio has Bush's voters and now he wants Kasich's. The more these lower tiered candidates drop out the better it is for what I call the "big three". No I'm not talking about Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill. Those were actual leaders for very different times. I'm talking about Trump, Cruz, and Rubio. Can Republican voters at the last minute realize that Trump is a know-nothing candidate for a very serious job? It's unlikely, but this is American politics where anything could happen. After all, 8 months ago people never thought Trump could ever get this far and he has. 


Now onto the Democratic race, Hillary Clinton won big last night in 7 states while Bernie Sanders defied expectations and won 4 states. That's commendable for someone who was virtually unknown outside of Vermont just a year ago. He won 427 delegates while Clinton won 1,052 including super delegates. The fact that Bernie Sanders is now catching up to Clinton in pledged delegates proves he's a formidable competitor. Last night's results also show that we're in this for the long haul. We also might not have a presumptive nominee until the end of April or earlier depending on the super delegates. Clinton won big last night among Latinos and African-Americans, which helped her achieve victories across the Deep South. But she also swept the more conservative and moderate wing of the Democratic Party. This is a wing of the Democratic Party that actually represents a majority of the Democratic base in this country. In spite of all these results though it seems 2016 might just be a Trump vs. Clinton election so far based on the delegate count. Trump might just be unstoppable and there might not be anything Cruz, Rubio, or anyone can do about it into November.

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