Trump Shrugs Off Obama Comments, Minor Celebs Beg Electors To Refuse Trump


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Recognize this guy? He doesn't want Trump in the White House.
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Many have heard about Michelle Obama’s recent comments to Oprah regarding U.S. citizens’ lack of “hope” in the face of an oncoming Trump presidency. The president-elect has addressed the First Lady’s comments, saying that she “must have been talking about the past” and that “she made that statement not meaning it the way it came out.” Trump is wrapping up his “thank you” tour, and it’s expected that he’ll spend the next week into Christmas and New Year’s at his Palm Beach estate, Mar-a-Lago.

A group of minor celebrities have grouped together to ask electors to refuse to cast their vote for Trump today. Part of the Unite for American campaign, the televised initiative simply states that Trump is unfit to be president and that the Electoral College should not allow him to become president. “Our founding fathers built the Electoral College to safeguard the American people from the dangers of a demagogue and to ensure that the presidency only goes to someone who is, to an eminent degree, endowed with the requisite qualification,” says Martin Sheen in the video. While the Electoral College could certainly prevent Trump from taking the White House, most do not deem it a likely occurrence. Some studies are, in fact, showing that voters are less likely to vote for a candidate who has celebrity supporters, as some of the public may view it as the 1 percent attempting to lecture the majority on how they should act.

Many inmates are worried now that Obama’s clemency initiative is threatened by Trump’s inauguration. The current president has given out more than 1,000 commutations, with almost 32,000 petitions received and 13,000 applicants waiting for a decision. Now, Obama is being pressed to give blanket commutations for low-risk prisoners.

The Clinton campaign is implying that Trump’s advisers may have been involved in the Russian email hacks. John Pedestal is saying that he has evidence that Trump associates were connected with Russian intelligence and Wikileaks before Russia was accused of the online attacks. “It’s very much unknown whether there was collusion. I think Russian diplomats have said post-election that they were talking to the Trump campaign. Not what Mr. Trump knew, but what did Trump Inc. known and when did they know it? Were they in touch with the Russians? I think those are still open questions,” Pedestal said. When asked about the election, he said “it was distorted by the Russian intervention.” Trump’s White House chief of staff, Priebus, however, has said that Trump staff having anything to do with the Russian hack is “insane.”

The Pentagon is still working on retrieving the stolen U.S. drone that a Chinese naval vehicle abducted from the South China Sea. This is even after Trump has tweeted that “We should tell China that we don’t want the drone they stole back. Let them keep it!” Instead, the Pentagon said in a statement, “We have registered our objection to China’s unlawful seizure of a U.S. unmanned underwater vehicle operating in international waters in the South China Sea. Through direct engagement with Chinese authorities, we have secured an understanding that the Chinese will return the UUV to the United States.” China is also criticizing U.S. authorities for “hyping up” the issue. “It is inappropriate —and unhelpful for a resolution — that the U.S. has unilaterally hyped up the issue. We express regret over that,” said the Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Senior Colonel Yang Yujun.

After U.S. officials reported that Washington is backing off of supporting Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen, over concern of civilian casualties, both countries are initiating damage control to counteract the reports. The Saudi Foreign Minister said that Riyadh had not been informed of any such decision, and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that any discussions were related to procurement processes, and not military support restrictions. The Saudi Arabia-Yemen war has been ongoing for about 20 months, killing about 10,000 and causing deathly food shortages. Both the Saudi Foreign Minister and Kerry released a join statement, saying that “This news that has been leaked contradicts reality. The reality is that converting regular bombs to smart bombs would be welcome because smart bombs are more accurate. The kingdom has received nothing official from the American government in this regard.”

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