Stein Calls For Vote Recount, Navy Experiences Data Breach


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Campaign backers have given Jill Stein $2 million to fund a vote recount.
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The New York Times

It’s expected that Trump will choose Wilbur Ross for commerce secretary, two insiders told the Washington Post. Ross is known for his tendency to purchase bankrupt companies in the hopes of bringing them to profit. Ross assisted in shaping Trump’s economic plans during the election. Throughout the week, Trump has been releasing media addressing his aim to increase jobs in the country, which can also be seen in his comments to the Times regarding bringing Apple production to the United States. “Whether it’s producing steel or building cars or curing disease, I want the next generation of production and innovation to happen right here on our great homeland, America,” he said.

Despite security concerns, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade kicked off without a hitch yesterday, celebrating its 90th anniversary. Law enforcement with assault rifles and bomb dogs patrolled the parade route, and sand-filled sanitation trucks acted as blockades at sensitive areas to hopefully prevent possible attacks. The parade, a Thanksgiving tradition for many families, featured 16 character balloons, 27 novelty balloons, 26 floats, more than a thousand dancers, more than a thousand clowns and 16 bands over 2.5 miles. The first Macy’s parade took place in 1924, with brief pauses in the tradition during World War II.

Right before the holiday weekend began, Jill Stein announced her desire to seek a vote recount, with her campaign paying for said recount. Two million was needed to afford the project, and that goal was met early Thanksgiving morning. Stein wants audits and recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, thinking that there may have been election hacks in certain counties within those states. The Stein campaign particularly points to Clinton’s huge popular vote win (more than 2 million votes over Trump). While Stein has nothing to gain personally from a recount, the initiative was announced after computer scientists reported that the election could very well have been rigged in Trump’s favor.

The U.S. Navy is experiencing a data breach, with more than 130,000 current and former sailors’ information at risk. The names and social security numbers of these sailors have been accessed by “unknown individuals.” Hewlett Packard operates computer systems for the U.S. Navy and reported the breach, but provided no information as to how it had occurred. A probe is underway and sailors who are affected are being notified via mail, email and phone. “For those affected by this incident, the Navy is working to provide further details on what happened, and is reviewing credit monitoring service options for affected sailors,” the Navy said in a statement. “At this stage of the investigation, there is no evidence to suggest misuse of the information that was compromised.”

The Washington Post reminds us that we should continue our thankfulness even beyond the recent holiday. A study showed that individuals that regularly practiced gratitude had 23 percent lower levels of stress hormones. In addition, gratitude leads to less depression, a decrease in blood pressure and improved sleep quality. In another study, suicidal individuals reported feeling 88 percent more hopeful after reflecting on their thankfulness.

In Australia, the weather is causing unprecedented deaths in an unusual way. Storms in Melbourne are causing thousands of pollen allergy and asthma attacks, with at least four dying over the week, out of more than 8,000 patients who have visited the hospital due to this cause. Such an event has never been reported before, and it seems to have been caused by large winds and heavy rain decomposing already present pollen particles in the atmosphere, causing a high increase in pollen count. Many of the sufferers reporting asthma attacks are healthy individuals with no prior history of respiratory problems.

The third-largest city of Israel, Haifa, is seeing tens of thousands of evacuations yesterday, with wildfires engulfing the northern portion of the country. It’s believed that arson may be behind some of the fires, and then the incidents are fueled by the dry weather and strong winds. Government officials are hinting that the perpetrators could be Arabic or Palestinian. There have been a few arrests, but no details as to who or why. On social media, both Arabs and Palestinians alike are celebrating the fires, using the hashtag #Israelisburning.

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