ISIS Attack In France Disrupted, Institute Claims Country on Verge of Collapse


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French embassy in Poland following November 2015 attacks
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French authorities arrested five men last Sunday who were allegedly planning an “imminent” attack on French civilians. The would-be attack comes as the Gatestone Policy Institute warns that France itself may be on the verge of collapse as the mass influx of migrants has increased tensions to all-time highs. Meanwhile, far right politicians and leaders continue to gain ground, promising not only to crack down on illegal migration, but also to reexamine France’s membership in the European Union.

Five Plotting Mass Attacks

Since January of 2015, France has suffered three major terrorist attacks, resulting in more than 200 dead. Given the gravity of the situation, many French citizens are already on edge. Now, news that yet another major terrorist attack was in the works has increased fears. Rather than being reassured that French authorities have the situation is under control, many seem to be wondering “when” the next attack will occur, rather than “if”.

Five individuals have been arrested on suspicions of plotting the would-be attack, planned for December 1st. Four of the individuals were arrested in Strasbourg, while the other was picked up in Marseille. The suspects arrested in Strasbourg were identified as Hicham M., a 37 year old warehouse worker; Yassine B., a 37 year old school employee; Sami B., a 36 year old French-Tunisian grocery store worker and father of three; and Zacaria M., a 35 year French-Moroccan. 46 year old Hicham E., the 5th subject, was picked up in Marseille

It appears that the would-be terrorists were planning to attack a number of locations, including the French Disney World park, and the Champs-Élysées in Paris. Another potential target was the popular Christmas markets in Strasbourg. Beyond Christmas being a popular Christian holiday, as many as two million people flock through the markets each year, making them a perfect target to strike fear into the masses and to maximize casualties.

Apparently, the terrorists were taking orders from ISIS commanders in Syria.

Institute Claims France on Verge of Collapse

The Gatestone Institute, based in New York City, claims that France is on the verge of collapse. According to the institute, France has long tolerated terrorism, even allowing potential terrorists to settle in the country so long as they didn’t conduct terrorist activities locally. The institute claims that one-third of Muslims in France want to install Sharia law.

The Gatestone Institute also alleges the existence of 572 so-called “no-go” zones or “sensitive urban areas”, as authorities call them. In many of these zones, the French government and rule of law is apparently being displaced by Islamic authorities and Sharia law. Allegedly, thousands of weapons have proliferated many of these areas, and they are essentially off-limits to non-Muslims.

The Galestone Institute has been slammed in the past for being “anti-Muslim”. According to some critics, the Institute is even racist, and is one of America’s most prominent anti-Islam hubs.

Far Right gaining power in France

An increasing number of analysts now believe that the upcoming 2017 French election is Marine Le Pen’s to lose. The Front National leader enjoyed a huge lead over former President Nicolas Sarkozy, who was already eliminated in recent primaries.

Le Pen will likely face either Francois Fillon or Alain Juppé in the Presidential elections. Both of these candidates are Centre-Right, and earlier this year polls showed that the centre-right candidates would ultimately prevail. More recent polls, however, indicate that Le Pen now enjoys a substantial lead over both candidates. Le Pen enjoyed a 9% lead over Fillon, 29 to 20%, and leaders 30 to 26% over Juppé.

If Le Pen does prevail in the national elections, she will almost certainly crack down on immigration, and will likely try to pull France out of the European Union.

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