Immigrants Head For U.S. Borders, Turkey Threatens EU With Migrant Influx


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Central American immigrants line up to attempt to cross U.S. borders.
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Perhaps Facebook and Google can rest easy for a while. Some of the blame for the recent spread of fake online news is being laid on Russia. According to independent researchers, a Russian propaganda campaign was hard at work over election season, spreading damaging Hillary Clinton articles. It’s guessed that the entire Russian propaganda machine is aimed at not necessarily winning a Trump presidency, but rather in creating distrust in the U.S. government. “They want to essentially erode faith in the U.S. government or U.S. government interests. This was their standard mode during the Cold War. The problem is that this was hard to do before social media,” said Clint Watts, a researcher specializing in Russian propaganda.

France is reporting that five individuals were arrested recently in connection with planned upcoming terror attacks. The suspects were receiving information from ISIS and were ordered to conduct multiple attacks in Paris next Thursday. The targets included Parisian law courts, the police headquarters, the Champs-Elysées Christmas market and Disneyland Paris. Four of the men arrested are French nationals with North African backgrounds; two had been to Syria within the last year. The other man was not connected to the original four, but was receiving orders from ISIS as well. The five had been under surveillance for several months before their arrest.

Turkey is threatening to allow hundred of thousands of migrants to pass through its country’s borders and into Europe. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan makes his threat in light of what he feels is unfair treatment by the European Union. The European Parliament has frozen talks regarding Turkey’s pending EU membership, which was in response to Erdogan’s failure to appropriately address the July coup attempt. Yesterday, he said that Turkey was promised accelerated membership talks, aid and visa-free travel for Turkish nationals, and that the Turkish “border gates will be opened if [the EU goes] any further.”

The Trump family spent Thanksgiving at their Florida estate in Palm Beach. While the event was certainly an extravagant one, attention is now being brought to the amount of money Trump’s lifestyle is costing taxpayers before he even takes office. His Thanksgiving affair was guarded by no less than 150 Secret Service personnel, an expense which reaches approximately $7 million. Daily, since the election, security for Trump costs about $2 million, which only increases when any travel is involved or when the terror threat rises. In addition, the New York Police Department is covering external security at Trump Tower in Manhattan, at a cost of $1 million per day.

A Reuters report is saying that a large amount of Central American immigrants are attempting to make it into the United States ahead of Trump’s January inauguration. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said earlier this week that agencies were seeing spikes in apprehension numbers, with immigration detention facilities experiencing increases by the thousands, with most detainees coming from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. Total, almost 410,000 individuals have been detained so far this year, a 25 percent increase over last year. “I have authorized [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] to acquire additional detention space so that those apprehended at the border and not eligible for humanitarian relief can be detained and sent home as soon as possible. Those who attempt to enter our country illegally must know that, consistent with our laws and our values, we must and we will send you back,” said Johnson.

Honduras Deputy Foreign Minister Maria Andrea Matamoros also chimed in: “We’re worried because we’re seeing a rise in the flow of migrants leaving the country, who have been urged to leave by coyotes telling them that they have to reach the United States before Trump takes office.”

Dylan Roof, the 22-year-old man charged with killing nine individuals inside a South Carolina church last year, was yesterday ruled competent to stand trial, beginning next week. The jury selection will begin Monday. The jury selection was already underway earlier in the month, when Roof’s lawyers said that the defendant may not understand the charges against him or be able to help with his defense. They have not, however, said what led them to believe this. A two-day competency hearing proved Roof fit for trial.

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