Frozen Fish, Voter Fraud, Plus In-Flight Rants


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The world is in an uproar over frozen fish.
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Tragedy struck at the Ohio State campus yesterday morning. A student drove a speeding car into a crowd outside a classroom building. Then, the attacker got out of the car and began slashing at random individuals with a large knife. The student was identified as Abdul Razak Ali Artan, who was shot and killed at the scene by police. Artan was a self-proclaimed Muslim and a 20-year-old junior in logistics management. A motive has not yet been connected to the incident, but terrorism is not being ruled out. Eleven people were sent to the hospital.

Dylan Roof, the man accused of a fatal shooting related to hate crimes at a South Carolina church last year, put in a request yesterday to act as his own attorney. The request was made reportedly against his lawyers’ advice, and the U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel said he would accept the request, but that it would be “unwise.” Roof’s previous lawyers will be on standy-by if he decides he needs assistance. The juror qualification process also began yesterday, with potential jurors brought in for one-on-one questioning until a pool of 70 are decided qualified. Roof, as he is now acting as his own attorney, was permitted to add his own personal comments during the jury selection. By end of day, seven potential jurors were qualified to enter the pool of 70. Twenty-four more potential jurors are scheduled for questioning today.

In another instance of Trump supporters causing in-flight disturbances, a man began shouting onboard a Delta Air Lines flight, which was traveling from Atlanta to Allentown, Pa. Standing in the middle aisle, the man addressed his fellow passengers, saying, “We got some Hillary b*****s on here? Come on, baby! Trump! That’s what I’m talking about! Hey, baby! Donald Trump! He’s your president, every g*****n one of you. If you don’t like it, too bad!” The man remained on the flight, which took place last week, but after landing, it was announced that the offender would never again be permitted to fly with Delta. The airline also said it would be refunding customers who were on the flight, for their inconvenience and alarming experience. According to fellow passengers, the man had been ranting about Trump before even boarding the plane, and that he was initially removed before take off, but then permitted to board again.

Animal rights activists are outraged after an amusement park in Japan froze 5,000 fish and sea animals into an ice rink as part of a winter attraction. While it’s reported that some of the frozen creatures (such as whale sharks and rays) were fake, about 25 types of fish were not, and were actually purchased from the local fish market. The park’s general manager said that they “intended to give the feel of the ocean to [the] ice skating rink, with the image of fish swimming in the ocean. And we intended to make visitors have fun and learn more about fish.” Instead, guests and those on social media are responding quite negatively. Some suspect that the fish were frozen alive, although the park has reputed this claim. The ice rink has been shut down and is being allowed to melt, after which a Shinto priest will conduct a memorial service for the fish.

Trump is now saying the only reason he failed to win the popular vote on Election Day is due to “millions of people who voted illegally.” Perhaps Trump is feeling a little uneasy with the Jill Stein vote recounts coming up. Over the weekend, Trump began reminding his followers of Clinton’s avowal during the presidential debates to respect the voter poll results. Trump also alleged to “serious voter fraud” taking place in Virginia, New Hampshire and California, all states that were won by Clinton. The hubbub comes at a time when Trump’s campaign is already conflicted over Mitt Romney and the possibility of his gaining the secretary of state position. Trump’s senior adviser Kellyanne Conway is specifically being very vocal about her dislike of Trump’s possible pick, saying that his supporters would feel “betrayed” if such an outspoken critic of the president-elect was picked for such a high-profile position.

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