Castro Pronounced Dead, Trump Inspires Planned Parenthood Surge


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Castro pronounced dead Friday, at the age of 90.
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Jill Stein has formally filed her request for a recount of the U.S. election votes in Wisconsin. Official filings for recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan are expected soon. In order for the presidential win to be turned over to Hillary, the original results would need to be overturned in all three states. The Wisconsin recount will begin the week after the recount fee is paid by Stein’s campaign. The fee is still be calculated, but it’s expected Stein’s campaign will easily raise enough money to fund recounts in all three states. The campaign website says it needs $7 million to cover the cost, and so far $5.3 million has been raised.

The latest false news story to go viral (and which many are taking as authentic) is a report that CNN accidentally ran 30 minutes of pornography during a slot reserved for “Parts Unknown” with Anthony Bourdain. The story was reported by the New York Post, Variety, Fox News and others. CNN released a statement saying, “Despite media reports to the contrary, RCN assures us that there was no interruption of CNN’s programming in the Boston area last night.” Some think that the story was started when one Twitter user tweeted out “…uhhhh @CNN is straight up porn right now…what happened to @PartsUnknownCNN.” The Twitter user, @solikearose, has made their account private, saying that she’s been receiving hate mail and inappropriate photos.

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe chairman, Dave Archambault, says that he has received a letter from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, notifying him that they will be closing the area where protesters are camped starting Dec. 5. Afterward, anyone found on the land will be considered trespassing and be prosecuted as such. The letter goes on to say that the closure is intended to protect the general public from violence, as well as illness, injury and death during the upcoming winter. However, a free speech zone is planned nearby.

KT McFarland has been added to Trump’s team. The former government official and Fox News analyst will be Trump’s deputy national security adviser. In addition, campaign lawyer Donald McGahn has been named as White House counsel. In a released statement from Friday, Trump calls McFarland, who worked alongside Presidents Ford and Reagan, a woman with “tremendous experience and innate talent” and a “complement [to] the fantastic team we are assembling.”

Edward Snowden is not able to guarantee his ability to visit Norway without extradition to the United States. Snowden had hoped that he would be able to travel to Oslo to receive the Ossietzky Prize, a free speech award that goes to individuals who have exhibited “outstanding efforts for freedom of expression.” The former National Security Agency contractor has been living in Russia for the past three years, and was attempting to secure a guarantee from Norwegian officials. His request was denied by the Norwegian supreme court, Oslo District court and an appeals court. If extradited to the Untied States, Snowden would face a prison sentence up to 30 years.

Fidel Castro has been pronounced dead at the age of 90. The ailing leader passed away at 10:29 p.m. local time Friday evening, as announced by his brother and current Cuban leader Raul Castro. People reacted differently to the dictator’s death around the world. In Miami, many Cuban exiles took to the streets with their celebration. However, things remained silent in Havana. Castro is due to be cremated Saturday, followed by eight days of morning and a mass rally. His ashes will be interred Dec. 4 in Santiago. World leaders are taking to social media to express their various feelings on the matter, some praising the revolutionary Castro once was, while others reference the man he had become.

Since Trump’s win, Planned Parenthood is seeing an increasing number of appointments. The worry is that Trump will defund the health services group. “Since the election, we have seen an unprecedented surge in questions about access to health care and birth control, both online and in our health centers. In the first week after the election, Planned Parenthood saw a significant increase in appointments for birth control, with a nearly ten-fold increase in people seeking IUDs — and we continue to see higher than average numbers,” said Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley, chief medical officer, Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

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