Here’s Why The Islamic State is Celebrating Donald Trump’s Victory


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Islamic State fighters
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Right now, millions of Americans are celebrating Donald Trumps victory, while millions more are mourning Hillary Clinton’s loss. Turns out, the Islamic State is also celebrating Donald Trump’s rise to power. This might seem odd given Trump’s pro-military stance and strong calls for war against the radical Islamic group. So why are Islamic State leaders lauding his victory?

Turns out, they believe that Trump will sow further hatred towards Islam, and will create division within the United States. Indeed, Trump has already made numerous inflammatory remarks towards Muslims, including calling for a ban of Muslim immigration. Trump has called for a “total shutdown” of Muslims entering the United States, until leaders can figure out “what’s going on.”

Immigration was one of the primary issues that propelled Trump to office. Trump riled up fears of lost jobs and Islamic terrorism to build a base that was ultimately able to take down Hillary Clinton and the political establishment. Even many GOP candidates lambasted Trump for his stance on Muslim immigration during the primaries. Regardless, millions of Americans apparently agreed with him.

The Islamic State, meanwhile, has relied on an influx of foreign fighters to bolster its ranks. Trump’s presidency could increase tensions within the Islamic community, and if he acts on his campaign promises, it could send some Muslims fleeing to the Middle East. At the very least, it would increase resentment towards the United States. This could encourage more Muslims around the world to join the ranks of the Islamic State.

Radical Muslim Leaders Laud Victory

Abdullah al-Muhaisny, a leading radical Muslim within Syria, even called Trump’s victory an “important victory” for Sunni Muslims. Muhaisny believes that the on-going war is not actually a war against terrorism, but instead Sunni Islam and now, with Trump at the head, this war will be more open.

Other radical Islamic leaders believe that Trump will bankrupt the United States and cause other problems. Such internal problems, should they arise, would greatly weaken the United States, but so far markets have reacted warmly to President-elect Trump.

Trump Could Be The End of the Islamic State

There are reasons to believe that Trump’s victory could actually end up being the end of the Islamic State. Among other things, Trump has made it clear that he hopes to reestablish warm relations with Russia, and for America to work with Russia to destroy the Islamic State. Russia already has a large presence in Syria, and with the battle against the Free Syrian Army winding down, Russian forces could pivot towards battling the Islamic State.

Given Trump’s strong rhetoric on the campaign trail, he’ll likely make knocking the Islamic State out a top priority. Trump apparently plans to give his generals just 30 days to come up with a game plan for destroying the Islamic State. What that plan will look like remains to be seen, but Trump will likely come into the White House swinging, and swinging specifically at the Islamic State.

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