Trump Takes TV While Clinton Schedules Concerts


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Trump circumvents the media with his own Facebook news broadcast.
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As Trump continues to accuse the media of inaccurate reporting and slanderous behavior, his campaign has launched its own media outlet to “circumvent the mainstream media and communicate directly with the American people.” The half-hour show is called Trump Tower Live and plays on Trump’s Facebook page, where it will run nightly at 6:30 p.m., with the first show premiering last night, to more than 50,000 viewers. The show segued into coverage of a rally in Tampa. Guests featured on the show included Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager; Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer; and conservative Tomi Lahren.

Boris Epshteyn is one of the hosts, along with Cliff Sims, and said, “This is our campaign and most importantly our candidate being out there and speaking directly to the voters, directly to the viewers. We are excited to be bypassing the left-wing media, which screws everything up.”

While Trump has his hands full with his new media venture, Hillary Clinton is keeping occupied with planning an upcoming concert to take place before Election Day, with Jay Z headlining. It’s expected that the concert will draw in thousands of young people, particularly young African-American voters. Jay Z isn’t the only celebrity to lend Clinton a hand recently. Miley Cyrus paid a visit to George Mason University last weekend to push votes for Clinton. Dressed in one of her typically extravagant outfits, she took selfies in dorm rooms and spoke to young voters about their political views. Originally a Bernie supporter, Cyrus now says that Bernie fans who aren’t automatically backing Clinton are “pissing [her] off more than anything.”

In other Clinton news, more WikiLeaks emails show that Clinton’s attacks on Trump regarding his comments on former Miss Universe 1996 Alicia Machado’s weight, were very carefully thought out and planned. Research director Tony Carrk had emailed the information to John Podesta in December of last year, along with a full 157-page file containing research that could be used against not only Trump but also Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

Remember the Ebola scare that consumed the country in 2014 before being quickly forgotten? The nurse, Nina Pham, who contracted Ebola and then survived while caring for the very first Ebola victim in the United States in Texas reached a lawsuit settlement yesterday. The terms are not to be disclosed, but she was did say in her initial lawsuit that the “sum total of the information” given to her while she was treating the Ebola victim was equal to “what her manager ‘Googled’ and printed out from the Internet.” The hospital system is accused of failing to prepare for the medical crisis and failing to provide their nurses with proper guidance and training. Pham has said that she will likely never be able to return to her career as a critical care nurse again, due to stress, anxiety, trauma and fear following the event.

Following up on the Calais, France, Jungle refugee camp, French authorities have evacuated about 2,000 migrants away from the site. They are being bussed to various centers around the country, about 450 different stops in total, to either claim asylum or return to their city of origin. For the most part, the migrants have been relatively peaceful, but there are still concerns of violence, as some may still want to continue on to the United Kingdom. However, about 200 children were indeed sent to the United Kingdom, including 60 girls who were at high risk for sexual exploitation, under the Dubs Amendment, which allows for vulnerable children (mainly young girls and children under 13) to seek refuge in the United Kingdom alone, even without the typically required connections. Today authorities expect to begin dismantling the camp. They plan to be completely finished clearing away all tents and shelters in about three days.

In your random and weird news for the day, the world’s tallest church tower is at risk for heavy erosion, due to the large amount of people who regularly pee onto the stone base. Located in Ulm, Germany, the Ulm Minster is 530 feet high from its base to the top of the steeple. In efforts to halt the erosion, the city has doubled the fine for those caught relieving themselves on the structure, as well as increased police patrols, but they say it’s hardly helped.

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