Trump Boasts Strong Lead in the South, Plus ISIS Attacks and More Plans For Mars


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Family members visit the site of a deadly attack by ISIS.
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Late Monday night, a police academy in Pakistan was the target of an ISIS attack which left 61 dead and 117 injured. The hundreds of cadets in training who were surprised in their sleep had no weapons at the time and were unable to return fire. The conflict continued for several hours, during which time security forces were able to kill one of the attackers. Two more were killed due to explosions from suicide bombings. ISIS released a corresponding statement through its media department, including photos of some of the attackers involved in the incident.

In Mosul, ISIS is facing resistance from a mysterious figure known as the “Sniper of Mosul,” who is believed to be behind four shootings taking place during broad daylight. Just yesterday, it was reported the shooter successfully targeted an ISIS executioner during a public beheading. The vigilante is inspiring further local resistance and it’s expected that he is joined by more than one other shooter.

While Trump may be trailing behind Clinton at the polls in most of the country, a new poll in Louisiana actually gives Trump a 20-point lead, thanks to the high majority of white voters in the area. The poll brings attention to the large racial separation between Trump and Clinton supporters. Trump currently has 75 percent of all white voters, according to a Mason-Dixon poll, while Clinton has 89 percent of all black voters. While some felt this kind of separation was expected during the Obama campaigns, the same separation was not anticipated with two white candidates on the ballot. The racial separation is even more prevalent in the Deep South, with the separation leveling out the further north one goes.

After it was announced Jay Z would perform on behalf of Clinton’s campaign in Ohio before Election Day, it was discovered that even more musicians are coming out to support the candidate. Jennifer Lopez is giving a concert in Miami Saturday, with a goal of encouraging Florida voters to vote for Clinton, and Jon Bon Jovi is doing the same in Pittsburg later this week, and in Tampa Nov. 5. On the same day, Katy Perry will perform in Philadelphia, an unsurprising choice given her appearance at the Democratic National Convention.

If the election is causing you unnecessary stress, it’s not surprising. According to an ABC News poll, 46 percent of respondents said the election was a source of stress in their lives, with 23 percent saying that stress had grown to become quite serious. Stress is reportedly higher in liberal Democrats and evangelical white Protestants. It’s also more likely to affect women than in men, and college-educated respondents were also more likely to be stressed when compared to their non-college counterparts. The poll likened the stress most are feeling about the election to that experienced by most of the country during the Great Recession in 2009. More than 4 million people have already cast votes via absentee and mail-in ballots so far, and it’s expected that as many as 50 million could follow suit, creating the largest early-voting turnout in the history of the country.

Elon Musk has revealed more details of his Mars colonization plans. He made his initial announcement in September, but over the weekend answered fan questions via Reddit. The overarching goal is to send a million people to Mars for about $200,000 per person, in the event that Earth experiences a catastrophic demise. It was previously known that Musk plans to send an initial spacecraft to the Red Planet by 2018, but he gave further info on what exactly he plans to include in that spacecraft — water-hunting robots and devices meant to test pulling carbon out of the Martian atmosphere, combining it with hydrogen through solar energy to create methane fuel. He later wants to send supplies to build a propellant plant, so that spaceships can return back to Earth as needed. The propellant plant will be built by the first colonists, living in Mars Base Alpha. The colonists will live in glass domes and use mining robots. Musk hopes the developments will launch new technology enabling “planet-hopping” and “moon-hopping.” While really a colony only needs 40,000 to genetically survive without inbreeding, the million-people mark is wanted because Musk feels a colony the size of, say, Austin or San Jose, is required for optimal living. The only grim reality? Musk points out that any colonists must be prepared to die.

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