A Quiet Weekend Before Election Day


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A satire news story about Hillary Clinton chucking bags of her clothes over the White House fence in preparation for moving in livens up an otherwise mostly tame weekend.
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Donald Trump is accusing President Obama of “screaming” at a protester. While the media showed Obama as instructing Democrats to remain respectful of pro-Trump protesters at a North Carolina Rally this week, Trump is saying that the media is skewing the real events by only showing Obama’s actions, rather than showing the protester, an elderly veteran, on camera. “If I spoke the way Obama spoke to that protester, they would say, ‘He became unhinged!’” Trump said. “They wouldn’t put the cameras on him. They kept the cameras on Obama.”

Robert Satiacum, an Electoral College voter from Washington State who was originally a supporter of Bernie Sanders, told the Associated Press that he would not vote for Hillary Clinton under any circumstances, regardless if she wins the state’s popular vote. Satiacum is a Native American who believes Clinton has not done enough to address Native American issues and that she is also a “criminal.” As the state’s elected member of the Electoral College, Satiacum will receive a $1,000 fine for not voting for the popular winner.

“No, no, no on Hillary. Absolutely not. No way,” said Satiacum. “I hope it comes down to a swing vote and it’s me. Good. She ain’t getting it. Maybe it’ll wake this country up.” However, he says he’s not entirely sure he’ll vote for Donald Trump either, but that he would not be able to face his six children and 10 grandchildren if he voted for Clinton.

These so-called “faithless electors” are relatively rare and have never been the deciding factor in an election. Since the creation of the Electoral College, there have only been 157 to vote for someone other than their party’s designated candidate.

On a brighter note, the U.S. labor market added 161,000 jobs in October, with the unemployment rate dipping 0.1 percent from the previous month. While the economy is still below its pre-Great Recession strength, data is showing a steady growth. However, even though this may seem like good news to most, the presidential candidates are taking the data and putting their own spin on things. Jacob Leibenluft from the Clinton campaign said the data was “another reminder of the progress we've made since the financial crisis: the longest streak of overall job growth on record, an unemployment rate below 5 percent and wages growing at their fastest pace since the recession.”

However, Stephen Miller, a national policy director from Trump’s camp, called the data “disastrous” and that it did not recognize “the total failures of the Obama-Clinton economy that delivers only for donors and special interests and robs working families.” He specifically mentioned the 500,000 discouraged workers who did not even look for employment last month due to no job availability.

"Humanity will look back on November 4, 2016, as the day that countries of the world shut the door on inevitable climate disaster," said United Nations climate chief Patricia Espinosa and Moroccan Foreign Minister Salaheddine Mezouar in a joint statement. The two are referring to the legal and lawfully binding pact that went into effect on Friday, requiring every single country, regardless of economic standing, to cap global warming associated with coal, oil and gas usage. For any country to withdraw from the agreement, a three-year exit period preluded by a one-year notice period is required, ensuring all countries participate for at least four years. However, that’s not stopping Donald Trump from threatening to cancel the U.S.’s participation if he’s elected president.

The Food and Drug Administration has a new project, one that it needs your help with. Nutella is seeking to be reclassified as a “spread,” the same category that’s created for honey, jams, jellies, molasses, etc. Currently, Nutella is legally considered a dessert topping. Why does it matter? The serving size for spreads on nutrition labels is one tablespoon, while the serving size for dessert toppings on nutrition labels is two tablespoons. Because of this, currently one legal serving of Nutella is 200 calories; if reclassified, the label would list one serving as 100 calories. The FDA is concerned this change may lead some consumers to believe Nutella is actually healthier than it is. The FDA is seeking public comment on the case through Jan. 3.

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