Ignorance is nonpartisan


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Ignorance is nonpartisan, anyone can be illinformed and make terrible decisions
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The polarization in this election cycle is palpable, You can taste the tension in the air. We heard cheers for Trump as he states at his rallies and at the last debate that he may not accept the results of this election. Hillary and Trump haters seem to be around every corner. Teachers are uneasy about having their kids do political assignments where they have to watch the current candidates, or portray them in a stage production or mock debate. This election is stirring more hatred than most of us can remember. And now we have the whole voter fraud accusations, and people being told to "watch" all the poll booths... This could get ugly folks

We have to remember that we are a nation founded on differences, and our one similarity was that we did not want to be persecuted for having a different belief, so for us all to be on the verge of civil war here because the dems and repubs think differently, is to be forgetting where we came from and what did make this country great for last 200 years.

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