Hillary's Newest E-mail Trouble & Trump Supporter Arrested for Voter Fraud


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Huma Abedin & Anthony Weiner - Weiner now the source of Clinton's newest troubles
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Vanity Fair, originally by Elinor Carucci/Trunk Archive

                In the last 48 hours we’ve seen some interesting developments that are likely to add an even more confusing slant to an already explosively divisive election. Even more interestingly: there’s a fitting story for each candidate respectively. First – we have the Clinton e-mail scandal rearing its head yet again. Second, we have a Trump supporter who has been arrested and charged with voter fraud. Both sides are, as one would expect, quickly entering into damage control mindsets as they seek to frame the news stories as they gain traction. Without further ado, let’s look at what these stories entail.

                Starting with the Clinton story, we’re looking at the FBI yet again investigating e-mails linked to Hillary Clinton. Why? Well, the FBI released a letter confirming renewed investigations of e-mails that have been deemed pertinent to their prior investigation that they are only now aware of. Why are they only now becoming aware of these e-mails? Well, Anthony Weiner is being investigated for exchanging messages of a sexual nature with a reportedly underage girl1. Huma Abedin, presently separated from Weiner and working as a high-ranking Clinton aide, shared at least one web-enabled device with Weiner1.  This has led to e-mails being reviewed linked to both Abedin & Weiner, and in turn has led to additional attention being focused on Clinton yet again.

                The timing couldn’t be worse for Clinton with less than two weeks remaining before election day. While Trump’s advocates and staff have been working tirelessly to keep the e-mail scandal alive in the minds of the electorate, there is a very different flavor to the accusation when it is renewed by the Director of the FBI. Now, many on the Left are stressing that nothing specific and new has been revealed and that the timing reeks of impropriety from the FBI. While the lack of specifics is true, the reality is that expecting much in the way of specifics of an investigation only just starting is laughable. Indeed, the letter the FBI’s Director released confirmed he was only made aware of the new e-mails the day prior. As for the accusation of impropriety – the question has to be asked of whether this information was being leaked inappropriately or specifically to shift the tone of the election, or instead was being released through appropriate channels to inform Congress and the public. If the Director were trying to weigh the scales of voter opinion that would be inappropriate. Given that the letter he composed was carefully worded to highlight the new material being reviewed without actually assigning guilt or announcing charges being filed the accusation of impropriety rings hollow. Truth be told, a good case could be made that the inverse is true and that the Director had a professional and moral duty to disclose this information.

                On the Trump front, though, we have a case out of Iowa where a woman has been arrested for attempting to commit voter fraud in support of Trump. More specifically, Terri Rote claimed that she was concerned her vote wouldn’t count because the system was rigged so she voted twice2. The claim of voter fraud is one Trump has been pushing almost nonstop over the last few weeks, so it’s easy to see where Rote’s concerns came from. However, it seems very telling that her response to a concern about a rigged system was to attempt to break the law and cheat by casting an additional ballot. The logic seems to be that if the other side is even suspected of cheating, then committing felony fraud is an acceptable response. It leaves little question as to the lack of respect for the electoral process some individuals have.

                So, what are the takeaways from these two stories? Well, Clinton’s newest e-mail accusations are bringing fresh attention to her e-mail scandal. While the new e-mails being reviewed by no means guarantee any guilt or that charges will be forthcoming, the story making headway at all is drawing eyes to the original case where Clinton avoided any charges but was called out for inappropriately handling protected & sensitive materials. The case of the Trump supporter committing voter fraud to fight a perceived rigged election, however, reeks of nothing but rank hypocrisy. While many are looking forward to the end of this election, one must wonder what happens in the days following given this level of hostility.

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2 - https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2016/10/29/trump-supporter-charged-with-voting-twice-in-iowa/?utm_term=.c49167eda91b


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