Hillary Giving Away Nuke Secrets?


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Did Hillary give away top nuclear secrets?
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Smithsonian Magazine

Leading up to the weekend, there’s been plenty of political drama on the world stage other than what viewers saw during Wednesday night’s debate.

The Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte, had a few choice words to say in regards to the United States during a visit to Beijing. The outspoken politician announced his country’s separation from the United States, both in regards to economics and military. He was quoted as saying, “America has lost now. I’ve realigned myself in your ideological flow. And maybe I will also go to Russia to talk to Putin and tell him that there are three of us against the world: China, Philippines and Russia. It’s the only way.” The Deputy White House Press Secretary reported they had received no official request to change the alliance the U.S. holds with the Philippines.

Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders teamed up to give their brutally honest opinions on Donald Trump in Phoenix yesterday. Mrs. Obama said that Trump simply doesn’t relate to Latin American or female voters, and that he doesn’t really know them at all. She further went on to say that perhaps that was why Trump “demeans and humiliates women,” because he “just doesn’t understand us.” Sanders went so far as to say that there possibly wasn’t a single person in the entire history of the United States that was less qualified, in regards to both character and policy.

Bernie Sanders had more to address than just the upcoming election this week, though. He tweeted out a link to a news story regarding the rise in the cost of leukemia treatments, commenting, “Drug corporations' greed is unbelievable. Ariad has raised the price of a leukemia drug to almost $199,000 a year.” In response, the company’s stock fell last week. Sanders then sent a letter to the company’s CEO, asking for information regarding the price increase, which came shortly after it was discovered the drug could be used on only a much smaller group of patients than previously anticipated. Ariad sent out a press release regarding the company’s pricing, referring to a loss of $1.4 billion since the release of its first product.

In other healthcare news, President Obama proposed yesterday new tax credits and fixes to Obamacare. He stated that, because of Obamacare, the number of uninsured citizens has fallen to its lowest in decades. Still, only about half of the originally estimated recipients have registered. It was acknowledged that the plan does need more middle-income and young enrollees in order to combat price hikes and insurer fallout, and Obama suggested tax credits for these individuals in response.

More WikiLeaks emails have come to light, showing emails between Obama, who was at the time just a mere presidential candidate, and John Podesta as well as a few other Clinton administration officials. One sent Obama a list of candidates for cabinet appointments, all of whom were picked because of their diversity factor, mainly women, Latinos, Asian Americans and African Americans. Of course, Hillary Clinton was up for two of the cabinet openings.

Speaking of Hillary, some are not happy at all with what she said regarding nuclear weaponry at Wednesday’s debate. When speaking about Trump’s fitness to lead the country, Clinton referred to nuclear weaponry, and said it takes about four minutes between the order being given until the actual launch occurs. Some are saying that referencing that four-minute time period is a direct violation of national security protocols and that it compromises secrets meant to protect strategic nuclear deterrence capabilities.

Dan Maguire, former strategic planner, Africom, told Fox News: “Whether the four minutes is accurate or not, anything having to do with response capability is generally classified. She has a tendency to use previous access and her position as secretary to give an appearance of knowledge to show she has the answers, rather than protect the information.”

If you’ve been dealing with the political state with a good bottle of bubbly or two, you may be in for some bad luck. Due to poor weather in France and South America, it’s expected that the world’s wine output will hit a four-year low this fall, or a decrease of 5 percent as compared to last year. Italy, France, Argentina, Chile, Brazil and South Africa are all expected to experience declines in production. However, New Zealand will see a 35 percent increase, with Australia and the United States seeing growth as well.

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