FBI Remains Vague, Trump Faces Intimidation Charges


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Lawmakers just want the FBI to give up the goods.
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Washington Post

Lawmakers received a letter from Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs Peter J. Kadzik and the Justice Department yesterday. The short letter announced the FBI would be as expeditious as possible when dealing with the latest Hillary Clinton email investigation, using all necessary resources. However, they failed to provide any further information.

The letter is in response to a separate letter sent by lawmakers over the weekend to Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch and FBI Director James B. Comey. This first letter stated, “Just ten days before a presidential election, the American people deserve more disclosure without delay regarding the FBI’s most recent announcement. Anything less would be irresponsible and a disservice to the American people.”

One lawmaker, Sen. Charles E. Grassley, also the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, continued to speak out against the Justice Department’s actions even after receiving the somewhat vague explanatory letter. “In the absence of additional, authoritative information from the FBI in the wake of your vague disclosure, Congress and the American people are left to sift through anonymous leaks from Justice Department officials to the press of varying levels of detail, reliability and consistency. The American people deserve better than that,” he said, addressing Comey.

State Democratic parties in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Arizona filed complaints Sunday against Donald Trump’s campaign, in response to what they said was voter intimidation at the polls. Complaints say not only Trump’s campaign, but also the Republican Party and the Stop the Steal super PAC, are violating Ku Klux Klan and Voting Rights Acts. They requested an end be brought to the exit polling and citizen journalist activities at election sites by Republican parties. The Pennsylvania complaint reads, “Trump’s calls for unlawful intimidation have grown louder and louder, and the conspiracy to harass and threaten voters on Election Day has already resulted in acts that threaten the voting rights of registered Pennsylvania voters.” Each of the complaints also reference a Bloomberg report that quotes an unnamed official saying that they have “three major voter suppression operations” and that they target minorities.

Other discrimination accusations are coming against Uber and Lyft. The National Bureau of Economic Research conducted a two-year study on rider experiences with the two brands. The results, released yesterday, indicate that drivers treat passengers differently according to race and gender. It’s found, in Boston, UberX drivers are three times more likely to cancel a ride if the passenger has a distinctively male, black name. Also in Boston, female passengers experienced longer, more expensive routes, even when going from the same origin to the same destination as their male counterparts. In Seattle, African-American passengers experienced longer wait times.

Lyft and Uber both deny all accusations. “Because of Lyft, people living in underserved areas — which taxis have historically neglected — are now able to access convenient, affordable rides. And we provide this service while maintaining an inclusive and welcoming community, and do not tolerate any form of discrimination,” said Adrian Durbin, director of policy communications, Lyft.

“Discrimination has no place in society and no place on Uber. We believe Uber is helping reduce transportation inequities across the board…” chimed in Rachel Holt, head of North American operations, Uber.

Scientists are doing something interesting with spinach. Now, it’s discovered that by embedding tubes into spinach leaves, the plant can discover nitro-aromatics, a chemical found in landmines and munitions. The information is then transferred from the minuscule technology to mobile devices, wirelessly. It’s suspected the same system can be used to program plants to detect other chemicals as well.

The famous Afghan girl from the popular National Geographic magazine cover may be receiving bail, after being jailed for fraud. The interior minister of Pakistan, Chaudry Nisar Ali Khan said that her case would be reviewed because she was a woman, and therefore it could be seen from a humanitarian angle. “If we withdraw charges against her, deport her or giver her a temporary visa to leave Pakistan, then we will have to take back cases against the officials who issued her fake ID card. They are the real culprits and I do not want to let them off the hook in any manner,” he added.

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