Doomsday Preppers Fear Election Day, NASA Warns Against SpaceX


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Doomsday preppers predict chaos regardless of who wins the election.
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After Donald Trump was hurried off stage at a rally on Saturday night, the Secret Service is saying the previously unexplained interruption occurred after “an unidentified individual shouted ‘gun.’” After apprehending the person who supposedly shouted in front of the stage, no gun was found and the suspect was released. The man, Austyn Crites, 33, was at the rally protesting against Trump and holding a “Republicans against Trump” sign. He said that when he started to pull out the sign from his things, other individuals tried to grab the sign and started booing. Then, he said that members of the crowd began kicking him, beating him and grabbing his crotch.

After Crites’ removal, Trump retook the stage and released a statement thanking the agents for their “fast and professional response,” saying “nothing will stop us — we will make America great again!”

Hillary Clinton is attempting to snag the male vote with a special television campaign. Clinton ran two television advertisements during Sunday Night Football, featuring testimonials from men. One shows a former Republican switching to vote Democrat due to Trump’s remarks regarding women.

Early-vote statistics are showing that large Hispanic populations are turning out to vote at a much higher rate than in previous elections. Some guess that, if these Hispanic voters are supporting Hillary Clinton, their numbers could steal away crucial states from Trump. Nevada, Florida and Arizona are particularly showing large Hispanic turnout.

The South Carolina man who was discovered to have a woman chained in a storage container last week has admitted to killing at least seven other people in a decade-long crime spree. Todd Kohlhepp, 45, is facing four counts of murder and one count of kidnapping so far. He has been showing law enforcement officials buried bodies on his 95-acre property. Kohlhepp was convicted of raping a neighbor at gunpoint at 15 years old; afterward he served jail time and registered as a sex offender. Those who lived near Kohlhepp’s 95-acre property said they thought he was simply a Doomsday prepper who kept to himself a lot. The property was surrounded by a chain link fence and deer cameras, bear traps and no trespassing signs were scattered throughout. Kohlhepp, who had his own real estate firm, also had a home about nine miles away, where neighbors said he was a big bragger, who frequently talked about online trading, his two BMWs and his large security expenses.

Real Doomsday preppers are preparing for an Election Day emergency. One manufacturer of long term survival food said that he’s saw an intense growth in sales, much greater than what he saw in 2012. During the previous election, he saw sales double. Now, sales have tripled. Consumers are preparing for any post-election riots that could lead to large-scale unrest, power outages and the collapse of the economy. Alongside survival food meals, typically made up of dehydrated or freeze-dried foods in military-grade packs, preppers are also stocking up on staples. One prepper spoke to NBC News under a pseudonym to protect his supply from looters. He said that he predicts revolts on the side of the urban poor in the event of a Trump win, leading to martial law and widespread disasters. However, he thinks a Clinton victory could lead to World War III with Russia. TheEpicenter owner Bryan Nelson says cans of food “are better than money in the bank. If you think the value of money is going to go down, then you could convert dollars into something tangible that you can use later.”

NASA is warning about potential fueling hazards on Elon Musk’s SpaceX manned rockets. The fuel used on SpaceX rockets requires earlier launches, which would not give the crews time to get into position before liftoff. Therefore, plans are considered to fuel rockets while astronauts are already strapped into capsules loaded on board. No other large manned rocket fuels with astronauts already in place. NASA released a letter that addressed the decision, which was sent last year. The letter states that “there is a unanimous, and strong, feeling by the committee, that scheduling the crew to be on board…is contrary to booster safety criteria that has been in place for over 50 years, both in this country and internationally.”

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