Clinton Treason? Plus Vote Via Text


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Fake Hillary Clinton ads encourage voters to vote via text message.
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It’s now been revealed by those close to current FBI investigations that there’s an almost certain chance up to five foreign intelligence agencies took emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server. Now, House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul is calling Clinton’s actions regarding the email server treason. Previously, during the initial FBI investigation, Director James Comey had reported that foreign adversaries likely had gotten into the server, but during his public announcement in July, he said there was no evidence of a breach, though it was possible. Now some are wondering why he did not stress the severity of the risk at that time.

A new Washington Post-ABC News Tracking Poll shows Hillary Clinton is ahead by two points among all voters. However, the Post drew special attention to one specific demographic — that of college-educated white women, who prefer Clinton by 27 points. This differs greatly from the 2012 election, when Mitt Romney held this demographic by six points. However, Trump is gaining popularity with a different set of women, those without college degrees. In fact, he actually is ahead with these women by 28 points. Looking at gender overall, women prefer Hillary by 11 points, and men prefer Trump by 11 points.

Meanwhile, social media ads on Twitter, using official Hillary Clinton campaign images, are telling Democrats to vote early and/or vote from home by using a new text voting service. All it takes, the ad says, is texting ‘Hillary’ to a five-digit number. The ads even say they were paid for by Hillary for President. Similar ads are popping up in Spanish.

Twitter moderators have been alerted to the ads, though moderators originally said that the ads do not violate their terms of service. One law professor at the Election Law Blog told that “There is no law against misinformation or lying at polls. It is possible to argue that providing some misinformation to voters could be seen as voter intimidation and therefore a violation of the Voting Rights Act and other federal (and state) laws. But I don’t think that would apply to these ads.” However, Twitter is now removing the ads and accounts associated with them are being suspended.

Now, all who text a message to the number receive the following reply: "The ad you saw was not approved by iVisionMobile OR Hillary For America in any way. To opt-in to the real HFA list, text HFA to 47246. Reply STOP to cancel."

ISIS released an audio recording of their leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The recording addresses the 5,000 ISIS members in Mosul, as Iraqi troops begin to gain headway in the city. Baghdadi tells his followers that “holding your ground in honor is a thousand times better than retreating in disgrace” and reports that he’s “confident of victory” within Mosul. The recording is the first released by ISIS since late last year and is about a half-hour long. Baghdadi goes on to say “God’s enemies from the Jews, Christians, atheists, Shiites, apostates and all of the world’s infidels have dedicated their media, money, army and munitions to fight Muslims and jihadists in the State of Nineveh after they witnessed it become one of the bases of Islam and one of its minarets under the Caliphate.”

Putin and the Kremlin have offered Russian citizenship to Steven Seagal. The actor has visited the country regularly in the past, even attending events with Putin. The two share a love for martial arts. Seagal has called Putin “one of the greatest world leaders” and defended his annexation of Crimea, saying that it was necessary to “protect the Russian-speaking people of Crimea, [Putin’s] assets and the Russian Black Sea military base in Sevastopol.” Seagal has also in the past called for the impeachment of Obama and identifies as a Republican.

Putin’s spokesperson commented, saying that Seagal “is known for his warm feelings to [Russia]. He never made a secret of it, and he’s also a well-known actor, which gave grounds to make him a Russian citizen.”

Scientists are now saying that the African Ebola epidemic allowed for a genetic mutation which increased the deadliness of the virus. During the course of the epidemic, studies showed the virus evolved to more easily enter human cells, as well as more easily cause fatalities. Compared to the original virus gene, the evolved form infected four times as many primate cells during lab tests.

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