Donald Trump: Family Leadership Summit


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Donald Trump: Great question, Common Core has to be ended. It's a disaster, it's a way of, it’s a way of taking care of people in Washington that frankly I don’t even think they give a damn about education. Half of 'em, and I’m sure maybe some do...

Frank: Do you really want to use that word in this forum?

Donald Trump: I will, I will because people wanna hear the truth, Frank. I watch you all the time, they wanna hear the truth. I mean exactly what Frank said is what's wrong with (inaudible) correct that we can't move anymore. You know and and Frank...

Frank: (Inaudible) we have politically correct...

Donald Trump: We have to be able to express ourselves...

Frank: But but don't we go too far?

Donald Trump: Too far?

Frank: Don't you feel that you went too far in what you called Mexicans...

Donald Trump: In using the word damn...

Frank: Coming across the border?

Donald Trump: Oh no not at all. No I’m very happy...

Frank: You don’t think so?

Donald Trump: Well let me tell you not at all. No not at all. Two things, I am so proud of the fact that I got dialogue started on illegal immigration. And people in the media, in all fairness they were very rough on me that first week, and then many of them have now apologized to me and almost everybody's apologized 'cause it turned out I was right. Beautiful Kate in San Francisco was shot by an illegal who was here five times and they couldn’t do anything about it. And believe me Mexico kept pushing him back because they didn't want him, believe me that's true. And now everybody is saying that Trump was right, but I tell you I took a lot of abuse. I had disloyal people like Macy's and like others oh Donald, you're a little controversial, we're gonna have to drop you. We're gonna have, I said I don't care, their ties what do they mean to me? He's wearing one of my ties by the way, it's very nice. It's true. I never liked 'em that much because they were made in China so it never mattered that much.

Frank: Well you know it's a great applause line and obviously they appreciate it, but referring to people as rapists...

Donald Trump: Excuse me...

Frank: Referring to...

Donald Trump: Excuse me...

Frank: To to John McCain a war hero, five and a half years as a POW and you call him a dummy, is that appropriate in running for President?

Donald Trump: Okay let's, you gotta let me speak though, Frank, 'cause you interrupt all the time okay? So, no I know him too well that's the problem. Let's take John McCain, I'm in Phoenix. We have a meeting that is going to have 500 people at the Biltmore Hotel. We get a call from the hotel it's turmoil, thousands and thousands of people are showing up three four days before, they're pitching tents on the hotel grass. The hotel says we can't handle this, it's gonna destroy the hotel. We move it to the Convention Center, we have 15,000 people, the biggest one ever, bigger than Bernie Sanders, bigger than, 15,000 people showed up to hear me speak. Bigger than anybody and everybody knows it. A beautiful day with incredible people that were wonderful, great Americans I will tell you. John McCain goes oh boy Trump makes my life difficult, he had 15,000 crazies show up, crazies, he called them all crazy. I said they weren't crazy, they were great Americans. These people if you would've seen these people you, I know what a crazy is, I know all about crazies, these weren't crazies. So he insulted me and he insulted everybody in that room and I said somebody should run against John McCain who has been you know in my opinion not so hot and I supported him, I supported him for President. I raised a million dollars for him, that's a lot of money. I supported him, he lost, he let us down. But you know he lost. So I've never like him as much after that 'cause I don't like losers. But Frank, Frank...

Frank: (Inaudible)...

Donald Trump: Let me get to it. He hit me...

Frank: He's a war hero...

Donald Trump: He's not a war hero.

Frank: He's a war hero.

Donald Trump: He is not a war hero. He is a war hero...

Frank: Five and a half years in a POW camp...

Donald Trump: He's a war hero 'cause he was captured. I like people that weren't captured okay? I hate to tell you. (Inaudible)...

Frank: Did you hear that?

Donald Trump: He's a war hero because he was captured. Okay? You can have, and I believe perhaps he's a war hero but but right now he said some very bad things about a lot of people. So what I said is John McCain, I disagree with him that these people aren't crazy and, very importantly, and I speak the truth, he graduated last in his class at Annapolis, so I said, nobody knows that. I said he graduated last or second to last, he graduated last in his class at Annapolis and he was upset. I said why for telling the truth? See you're not supposed to say that somebody graduated last or second to last in their class 'cause you're supposed to be like Frank says very nice. Folks, I wanna make America great again. We wanna get down to brass tax. We don’t wanna listen to his stuff with being politically correct and everything has, we have a lot of work to do. Frank, the other day Hillary Clinton got up and she said I didn't like Mr. Trump's tone. We have people, Christians, being having their heads cut off in the Middle East, we have people dying all over the border that where I was right, 100 percent right. We have all of this like medieval times and she said I didn't like his tone. And you know who else said that? Jeb Bush, I didn't like his tone. What does it have to do with tone? We want results, this group wants results. We don't want tone.

Frank: So we've got people lined up for questions, I've just got one more 'cause you used the word Christian. Have you ever asked God for forgiveness?

Donald Trump: That's a tough question. I, I don't think in terms, I have I’m I’m a religious person, shockingly cause people are so shocked when they find this out. I’m Protestant, I'm Presbyterian. And I go to church and I love God and I love my church. And Norman Vincent Peale, the great Norman Vincent Peale was my pastor, the Power of Positive Thinking. Everybody's heard of Norman Vincent Peale, he was so great. He would give a sermon you never wanted to leave. Sometimes we have sermons and every once in a while we think about leaving a little early, right, even though we're Christian. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Frank, would give a would give a sermon I’m telling you I still remember his sermons. It was unbelievable and what he would do is he'd bring real life situations, modern day situations into the sermon. And you could listen to him all day long. When you left the church, you were disappointed that it was over. He was greatest guy and then you know he passed away, but he was a great, he wrote The Power of Positive Thinking which is a great book.

Frank: But have you ever asked God for forgiveness?

Donald Trump: I'm not sure I have, I just go and try and do a better job from there. I don't think so. I think I if I, if I do something wrong I think I just try and make it right. I don't bring God into that picture, I don't. Now when I take, you know when we go and church and when I drink my little wine which is about the only wine I drink and have my little cracker, I guess that's a form of asking for forgiveness and I do that as often as possible because I feel cleansed. Okay? But you know to me that's important. I do that but in terms of officially, see I could say absolutely and everybody, I don't think in terms of that. I I think in terms of let's go on and let's make it right.

Frank: So let's, microphone one please.

Unidentified Male Speaker: Mr. Trump?

Donald Trump: Yes sir.

Unidentified Male Speaker: Respectfully we remember the 1992 election, Ross Perot cost us that election.

Donald Trump: Right.

Unidentified Male Speaker: Would you go on record today saying that if you can't get the Republican nomination, you will not run as third party candidate?

Donald Trump: No. No. No, I won't go on record saying that. Look...

Unidentified Male Speaker: Why not?

Donald Trump: I want this country, this country has great potential but soon it's not gonna have that potential 'cause we're being drained by incompetent leaders by horrible people. As an example with the Iran deal which is a total disaster, we didn't get our four hostages back. That's just one aspect of it. And just this morning and and yesterday Kerry, Secretary Kerry who's the worst, worst negotiator, I mean he didn't read the Art of the Deal folks. So Secretary Kerry said very strongly, I I just told, he said very strongly, we didn't wanna bring up the hostages, we didn't wanna complicate our deal. That was the reason, we didn't wanna, what is that? Say we want our hostages back, how is that complicating a deal right? We gave 'em money, we didn't, so he didn't wanna talk about the money he didn't wanna talk about the hostages. It was just announced that Iran got one of their leading nuclear scientists back as part of the deal. Just came out this morning. So Iran in addition to making an unbelievable deal that's gonna make them one of the great powers, perhaps more powerful than the United States 'cause today it's about the weapons not about the number of soldiers you have. They're gonna be immensely, well we're giving them billions and billions of dollars that we shouldn't be giving them, we didn't get our hostages back which is terrible because they didn't wanna complicate. We didn't wanna complicate the negotiation and when Obama was asked about that question the other day by Major, he was asked a very simple question, the anger in his face at being asked that question and he said we didn't wanna complicate the, how is it complicated? Except for one problem, Iran just got their big scientist back and we just found out about it this morning. I think we are run by a group of incompetent people and they're destroying our country. And and Frank, could I say one other thing? And just one other thing, nobody deals with politicians more than I did. I've contributed to everybody, they did whatever I said. Everybody. I contributed to Hillary Clinton, I contributed to Bill, I contribute to everybody. And you know what I was a businessman, why wouldn't I? I don't have to agree with them. I know this like with my wedding, I said Hillary, Bill be at my wedding, they were at my wedding. It was very nice, okay? Because I contribute. Frank, it's important.

Frank: I wanna know, which wedding?

Donald Trump: My last wedding, the last one. But but you have to do, as a businessman you have other things and you have other things to do so I’m very proud of a record, no politician in my opinion, I know 'em all, I watch 'em. They talk about the moon and the sun, the sun will rise the moon will set. I watch 'em. People want jobs. No politician is gonna get this country back. I'm sort of a politician because I've been dealing with politicians all my life. If you can't win and make a lot of money with politicians, you're not very good. Believe me, I've been dealing with them all my life and I don’t think anybody's dealt with them any better. I know 'em and I know it from the other side. All of the people, like when you see Bush has $100 million and you see Hillary has $50 million that they got, they just announced. Those people are controlled by those people that gave them money. They're lobbyists, they're special interests and they're donors. And I will tell you, I will tell you that they are totally controlled. And when Bush has to make a decision, and can you imagine this guy negotiating against China? We have no chance, okay? Who would you rather have negotiating against China, Trump or Bush you tell me. Okay?

Frank: I gotta again, this is a summit as opposed to a specific political effort, you can afford the lawyers against the IRS I cannot.

Donald Trump: I know I know.

Frank: Question from microphone two please.

Unidentified Female Speaker: You talked about your faith earlier and I was wondering how your faith and your family growing up has influenced how you've raised your children.

Donald Trump: It's really had a big influence. I have five wonderful children and I knock on wood, I hope that's wood, but I I get maybe almost more than any question I get questions similar to that because my children have done well. You know Ivanka, she's a great girl, she's a great person, but Ivanka and Don and Eric and you know my kids have my three oldest children have done well, they've gone into business and they're solid and you know they haven't been in trouble and all the, and more than any other question I get from people is how did you raise your kids? Cause you know you read so many horror stories about children and one of them was through the church, very important. We have a church where I grew up, First Presbyterian Church in Queens in Jamaica, Queens and that was where I grew up and that's where I did you know went to church, I'd go to Sunday School, I'd go to Bible class, I did all the things that a lot of the folks in this room did. But it was a very important element, church was a very important element as far as growing the kids. And the other important element was I would, from the time they're 2 years old say no drugs, no alcohol, no, I used to drive 'em crazy, no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes. I'd say no drugs, no and Ivanka I remember her looking at me once, Frank, said daddy you're driving me crazy don't, the kid was like 4 years old she didn't even know what drugs are. But but I would constantly because I've seen so many children grow up and they get under the influence of drugs or alcohol and their parents are brilliant people, they're successful people, the kid is brilliant, they have no chance. They have no chance. Once they're under the influence of the drugs or the alcohol, life is too tough, they're not gonna make it. So I was very strong with my children, no drugs, no alcohol, and I threw in cigarettes.

Frank: Did you have, used to have dinner with your kids most night?

Donald Trump: Yes.

Frank: So you had...

Donald Trump: I had dinner with my kids almost always. And I’m always available to my children. I can be in the middle of the biggest, most important deal and for instance if Ivanka called me right now I'd say bye bye Frank, you're a wonderful guy. Okay? Maybe not, maybe I'd say wait 10 minutes. But but I was always available to my children. And you know frankly I've said it, I was actually a a great father. I was a better father than I was a husband. And the reason is I was a worker, and I had you know you mentioned the the relationships and they were very good women, but I was always working. I was working, I was creating jobs, I was building jobs, I was doing everything and legitimate stuff. I was working and it was very hard for a woman and and I blame myself, I don't blame anybody else, but it was a work thing. It wasn't a bad thing and it's, it was very hard for anybody to compete against the work and that was not good. I've learned that.

Frank: So then what, so then what advice do you have because very few people, no one in this room will be able to live in your shoes, when you try to prioritize your career or your family, what's the best way to get that right?

Donald Trump: It's a great question. The the thing that I've learned, I know all of the very successful people in the world, I mean most of 'em I know you know if they have if they buy apartments from me. I sold an apartment recently for $55 million to a Chinese person then they say I don't like China. I love China, I just don't like the fact that the Chinese leaders are so much smarter than our leaders and they rip us off all over the place. But, same, by the way, Frank, same with Mexico. Love Mexico, respect Mexico, love the Mexican people, thousands of them work for me, they're incredible. Great spirit, I just don't like that the Mexican leaders are ripping off our country because they're smarter and more cunning than our leaders and our negotiators. You know between the trade and the border they're killing us so it's one of those. But...

Frank: Your press conferences would take forever.

Donald Trump: No I’m I’m trying to get out the points, Frank, you know I mean.

Frank: So career and family, how do you balance?

Donald Trump: I I was gonna say, I found that the happiest people, let's get down to the happiest people, are the people that have good families. I know the richest people in the world, I know the toughest people in the world. I know these people they're brutal, you wouldn't like them and they probably wouldn't like you very much. These are brutal people, great negotiators, great business people but not nice people. They're not the happiest people. They're they're very rich, they're very smart. I would use them to negotiate against Japan, I would get one of 'em being you're here, you're here, you're here like checkers like chess, but I will tell you they're not the happiest people. The happiest people I see are the people that have great families. It's you know whatever it is, I mean I don't know. And and just to take that a step further, and I tell this to people all the time, they say how do I get rich Mr. Trump, how do I get rich? And they have a good family, I tell them all the time and I I make this statement 'cause I've seen it, those people that have that great family, wife, husband, children, whatever it whatever it takes, those are the people that in my life I've seen that are the happiest people. A lot of the really successful people are, they always want more more and they could have two billion they want six billion. Then they wanna get up into the 10 billion, I say well, but but they always want more more, they're always striving, and in the end they're not very happy people. So I don't know it's it's a great thing. Religion is a very big factor too. I've seen people that are, they have a great family and they have God and they have church and they love their church. I have friends that love to go to their church and help their church. They're happy people.

Frank: So if I, again you've gone into it if I don't ask this question this audience will be disappointed, straight question, what is your relationship with God?

Donald Trump: Well I pray, I go to church, do I do things that are wrong? I guess so. You know I'm a business person, I really do well at business, I, I've done great. I've made some of the great deals. I own some I own some of the greatest properties in the world and I totally...

Frank: Did God help you do these great deals?

Donald Trump: I I think I think God helped me. Personally I think God helped me. I think you know look God helped me by giving me a certain brain, whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. You know I went through a phenomenal school, the Wharton School of Finance which is said to be the greatest business school in the world. I did really well there, I was a great student. So I mean I was born with a certain intellect that is good for this. And and essentially Frank, look, when you boil it down, we need a President that's gonna be able to make deals, great deals because we're getting killed. We're losing, our Gross National Product went down, our GDP if you look at it, Gross Domestic went down in the first quarter it became negative. When China goes up seven or eight percent, I saw the other day China's went up seven percent. It was like in China they're going crazy, how could it only go up? We had a negative, think of it, we had a negative number. It's unheard of. GDP goes down fairly substantially, and I think it's gonna continue to go down. That means we're getting smaller and yet we have more people. Many of which pour across the border by the way. But we have more, we need somebody that can take our jobs back from China, Frank. We need somebody that can take our jobs back from Mexico. We need somebody that can take our jobs back, Frank, because we're going to hell. Our country is going to hell and Frank doesn't like the world hell but we're going to hell and we need somebody that's gonna be able to bring our jobs back.

Frank: So I know, part of this responsibility is to be able to understand who these people are, not just about policy and I wanna give you a chance to close with the with the issues that you want to do but could you, leaders are required to set priorities. Is our economic health or our moral health more important for the next President to prioritize?

Donald Trump: You can do both, Frank. It doesn't have to be one without the other. You don't, it doesn't have to be one without the other. Look, if I'm elected President, I know everybody, they can't create jobs like me, nobody's gonna be close. They can't negotiate with China like I can negotiate and take everything, and by the way and every single other country in the world, we don't make good deals anymore. If I can make the country strong financially it's a lot easier for the country morally. I mean our country you you look at what's going on, we're in serious trouble. Our military is we we send weapons over to our so-called allies and one shot is fired and we lose 2,300 Humvees armor plated, I mean we don't know what we're doing. We truly don't know what we're doing. If I can make our country really strong, I would focus on the military. I'd tell you what I'd focus on the vets. I love the vets. The vets are treated like fourth class citizens in this country. And that's part of the morality. These guys went out, these people went out and they fought for us and they're great people, the best people and they're treated so badly. I've gone I've been with vets where they say they go to a doctor's office in one of the places and they'll wait four to five days before they, in a reception area before they even get to see a doctor. That's morality too and that's really bad morality. I would I, I think your question is very good but I think they have to go hand in hand because our country is a debtor nation, we're in serious trouble and we've gotta make us, I know it sounds a little bit rough, we've gotta make our country rich again, we have to make our country great again. We can't let other parts of the world steal our country, steal our jobs, steal our manufacturing. With that being said, the morality of this country with the right President, President Obama I never thought he'd be a good President, but because I didn't think he was qualified. But I thought one thing that he would do, he'd be a great cheerleader for the country. He's been horrible.

Frank: Does he love America?

Donald Trump: I don't know if he loves America. I I hope he loves America. I don't wanna get into that. I hope so.

Frank: Is he a moral President?

Donald Trump: I have no idea. You know what, Frank, you're asking me questions, ask his wife okay? I don't want I don't want, but but but you know what I was hoping and I thought, the one thing I thought about him, I saw him speaking in Germany, I saw him speaking, I thought he'd be a good cheerleader for the country. He's been horrible. He's been divisive. He's been horrible. He hasn't even called Kate Steinle's family who got killed, he hasn't called. Now he calls other people but he hasn’t called the family of Kate Steinle. Why wouldn't he call her? And this was a man that came over, was pushed over from Mexico, five different, who shouldn’t have been here, an illegal immigrant, killed and nobody's even called her family. Okay? I think morality and I think success go hand in hand. You don't have to have one without the other.

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Saturday, July 18, 2015
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