Will Trump's own Mexican wall keep himself out of the presidency.


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Total Media Domination

Politicians win elections in a number of different ways. In fact, in early times, it was considered rude to campaign for one's self, and it was up to friends, and supporters to persuade a candidate to take office. Over the years, it has changed considerably.

Now, candidates talk about themselves, and whats more, they talk bad about their competition. It seems they rarely talk about the actual problems and fixes they could implement, and instead, favor rhetoric that includes the pho pas of their opposing party nominee.

Its no secret that many elections for city, state, or federal office are won by name recognition. When people have heard the name or seen the face, it becomes an easier choice to choose a candidate they have heard of over one they have not. Its not to say that the issues and record of the candidate are irrelevant, but voters are empowered to make their choice, be it good or terrible or ill-advised.

In the information age, you might think that it would be hard to hide an incriminating truth and harder to cover up blunders and lies and scandals, but it actually may not be so hard to pull off. While all the facts and evidence may be on the world wide web just waiting for find it, people still prove to be misinformed about a great many issues and facts. Despite all the factual information that the internet provides to us there are still large swaths filled with disinformation to sway the casual observer.

The fact is that many voters do not take the time to do the proper research to find the best choice in any given election. Many tend to fall back on tradition and vote for the party that their parents voted for. Others may see some highlights on their favorite news channel about the candidates and depending on the bias of the news organization, a candidate can be made to look like a genius or a buffoon.

Donald Trump's strategy thus far has seemed to be the shear domination of all major media outlets. Everyone is talking about him. Everyone knows him. But does it matter that the way he achieves media domination is through fear mongering and demagoguery? Have you ever thought about what makes kids scared of the dark? They don't know what is in the dark, it could be anything, its 'Unknown'. History tells of when people were scared of falling off the edge of the Earth? Then we explored and learned about the Earth, and afterwards it wasn't so scary. People used to be scared of witchcraft to the point of actually burning and brutally killing accused witches and warlocks.

Ignorance breeds fear. Fear can affect people into making really bad choices. Voting is a choice.

Of course, fear can be healthy at times. It is wise to be fearful of falling off a building or burning your house down. The type of fear being sewed into the media from Trump's rally speeches is different: it is engineered from bad data, out-of-context information, and straight-up lies. This type of fear is being conjured in an attempt to insight an angry mob ready to go to poles and make bad choices on election day.

A good example of this is when Trump calls himself the 'Law & Order' candidate. He goes on to talk about how crime is so horrible that we need him to clean it all up. But when you look at the actual statistics, crime is at an all-time low right now. He creates the fear of crime by highlighting isolated negative events and rising them up to overshadow the cold hard facts that we are already making good progress on this issue. This is demagoguery.

Another interesting statistic is 'Trump Supporters Education Levels'. The less education you have, the more likely you are to be Trump supporter - if you are also a white republican.

So, with all the fear mongering, its no wonder most of Trump's supporters are uneducated.

But, with the lowest non-white vote of any major party in decades, it looks like Trump's own Mexican wall will be keeping himself out of the presidency.

Though it looks like Donald's stratagem of total media domination ultimately will not win him the POTUS title, it did pave the way for others with similar skills and qualifications to go even farther next time - President Kardashian anyone?

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