"Next Time, We Might Have To Kill Him"


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We have all heard the saying "with great power comes great responsibility" but do we know what that means? Do we believe it?

In many TV programs and movies, we often see disclaimers about not trying this at home, and we see our tools and equipment labeled with very obvious bits of advice, like "aim away from face". Why do we have all of these seemingly common-sense rules and disclaimers on all of our stuff?

Donald Trump in February commented on how his protestors were treated too nicely and how he would like to "Punch him in the face". Was he joking?

On March 10, John McGraw, one of the Trump supporters, took Mr. Trump seriously and sucker-punched a protestor in the face that was calmly being escorted out by several policemen. The policemen immediately reacted by throwing the protestor (the one who was hit in the face) to the ground and getting on top of him to secure him while doing absoluting nothing to John McGraw, who just punched a man in the face, unprovoked.

The next day, John McGraw was arrested for assault.

When John McGraw was asked why he hit the African-American protestor in the face, he responded:


  • He deserved it
  • He wasnt acting American
  • "Next Time, We Might Have To Kill Him"



Yes, he actually said this - It is not an exageration.

Donald Trump may be a leader, but what is he leading us into?


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