Clinton Politely Criticizes Trump and Sanders


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Hillary Clinton isn’t going to stoop down to Donald Trump’s bullying and playground antics, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t going to defend herself in her own quiet and mature way. Today, Hillary Clinton sat down live with CNN’s Chris Cuomo to discuss the status of the presidential race, and she took on Trump as well as Sanders.

Much of the sit-down’s focus became Donald Trump. When it came to foreign threats, Clinton said, “He says a lot of things that are provocative, that actually make the important task of building this coalition, bringing everybody to the table, and defeating terrorism more difficult.” Clinton mentioned Trump’s proposed ban of Muslims as one of many policies that sent a message of disrespect to those we should be banding together with to defeat terrorists. His approach, she said, was “incredibly provocative and wrong-headed.” Hillary argued that his “unpredictable, dangerous rhetoric” could make it “less likely that we’re going to be as effective as we need to be going forward in assuaging concerns of the people that we want to be working with us to deal with this threat.” Trump’s lack of diplomacy, according to Clinton, could actually put us in danger of those we hope to protect ourselves from.

Following Clinton’s critique, Cuomo directly asked Clinton if she considered Donald Trump to be qualified for the presidency. Here was her response: 

I think in this past week, whether it’s attacking Great Britain, praising the leader of North Korea, a despotic dictator who has nuclear weapons, whether it is saying pull out of NATO, letting other countries have nuclear weapons – the kinds of positions he is stating and the consequences of those positions and even the consequences of his statements are not just offensive to people, they are potentially dangerous.

Clinton said she knows that we “need steadiness, as well as strengths and smarts in it, and I have concluded he is not qualified to be President of the United States.”

According to Clinton, Trump is a “troubling picture” based on his actions, behavior, and words.

When the conversation turned to Bernie Sanders, Clinton was quick to say, “I will be the nominee for my party, Chris. That is already done, in effect. There is no way that I won’t be.”

As Sanders continues on the sidelines, most of Hillary’s trouble still comes from Donald Trump. His attacks have been heavily personal, focused on controversies and scandals new and old that Clinton has been combatting for years or even decades at this point. Clinton has decided, simply, to stay above it. Trump can run his way, and she will run her way.

“I think people can judge his campaign for what it is. I’m going to run my campaign. I’m not so much running against him as I am running for the kind of future that I think America deserves to have.” Hillary continued to say that she was the person who could make this future a reality.

Still, Trump’s tactics have been surprisingly, even remarkably, successful. He has beat down all GOP competition and is the presumed Republican nominee. If the bullying is working, how can someone like Hillary Clinton combat it? Clinton stood her ground when asked about this potential problem in the race against Trump.  

“If you pick a fight with a bully, you know, you’re gonna be pulled down to their level.” Whereas many Republicans and Democrats alike have been pulled down to Trump’s level by playing his game, Clinton refuses to, and she considers this as her way of standing up to the bully.

The need to stand up to Trump, according to Hillary, isn’t about defending herself. She has been dealing with scandals and personal criticisms for a very long time. As she said:

I have very thick skin. It’s what he says about other people. It’s demeaning comments about all kinds of women, his offensive comments about immigrants, his mocking someone with a disability, the way he talks about Muslims, how really unmoored he is when he talks about foreign policy… so I’m going after him exactly on those issues and statements that are divisive and dangerous.


Presently, Clinton’s plan to defeat Trump in the general election rests on poise, a presidential tone, and a focus on the issues rather than drama, flair, and gossip Trump will certainly be pulling out. 

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